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Old & New 997 - Art in motion.

17 Ansichten· 27 May 2021
Vpolar Admin
Vpolar Admin
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Europes first Old & New Porsche build to debut is a very special car indeed, built by Reflex Auto Design and Matt Clifford. The idea was to create a true work of art, the Best Old & New slant nose in the world whilst paying homage to the classic retro slant noses of old.

With help from some amazing brands around the country, the car debut in late March 2018 and caused an internet frenzy almost immediately. It then drove 3,000 miles to Worthersee and back for is big debut in Europe and the reception was more than we could have ever asked for.

Sit back and enjoy how this build all came together, and witness it in all its glory.

Thanks to MDB Images for the help filming.

Song used: Thunder Porpoise - Oppenheimer's Gambit

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