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MOST POWERFUL M5 F90 IN THE WORLD! BMW M5 F90 LA Performance (1100HP) vs Ferrari F8 Tributo (720HP)

5 Ansichten· 03 Jan 2021
Vpolar Admin
Vpolar Admin
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During the SCC500 Half Mile drag racing event in Germany, I have filmed this amazing fast BMW M5 F90 which has been modified by La Performance Wetzikon and ECU remapped by RRahmani. Engine output is 1100 HP and 1400Nm of torque and topspeed over 350km/h! This is the most powerful BMW M5 F90 in the world right now!

100-200 km/h in 3,99 seconds
200-300 km/h in 8,0 seconds

Vmax 1/2 Mile: 308,58 km/h

0:00 - 0:58 Overview + Exhaust Sounds
0:59 - 1:26 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs Audi RS3 Sedan (700HP)
1:27 - 1:51 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs Ferrari F8 Tributo (720HP)
1:52 - 2:49 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs BMW M5 F90 (720HP)
2:50 - 3:19 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs Ford Mustang (590HP)
3:20 - 3:57 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs Porsche 991 ES 700 LCE/ES Motors (740HP)
3:58 - 4:40 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs BMW M5 F90 (720HP)
4:41 - 5:14 BMW M5 F90 (1100HP) vs Nissan GT-R (750HP)

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